IWC 2019

Last Thursday, March 14, organized by Community of Insurance, and under the slogan “Accelerating innovation in insurance” was held the Insurance World Challenges 2019.

At the Real Fábrica de Tapices in Madrid, an extraordinary event took place once again – a reference in the insurance sector and recognised as the most important in southern Europe – around the challenges and current trends in front of more than 460 attendees.

The keys to the future of the insurance industry were presented through innovation, technology and organisational learning.

A significant part of the sector turned to support.

Sponsors included Everis, AXA, Zurich Insurance and KPMG.
Also BBVA Seguros, DAS, ForceManager, Mutua Madrileña, SISnet and Wattio as Contributors. In addition to Partners such as Cálculo Labs, Digital Insurances Agenda, Inari, Swiss re and Insurtech Community.

They wanted to support the event as collaborating companies ADECOSE, ADE, Allianz, AON, Aspad, BNP Paribas Cardiff, Carver, CNP Partners, COJEBRO, Col´legi de Mediadors de Barcelona, DKV, GFT, Hearsay Sistems, Lagun Aro, MetLife, Mutua de Propietarios, MSG Life, Reale, RGA re, Grup Santasusana, Santalucía, SCOR, Vida Caixa, International SOS, Sabadell Seguros, Llerandi insurance brokerage, Mediavanz, MPM, Ibermática, Oracle and Surne.

And with Media partners such as ADN del seguro, AF el asesor financiero, Buena Fuente, Capital Radio, Cultura de Seguros, Seguros TV and Seguros News.

Accelerating innovation with transforming talent.

With a focus on technological innovation and IoT, 23 Insurtechs/startups participated, and their impacts on the future of companies could be understood, how it affects them and how it will foreseeably transform them in the current technological environment and in the future.

Reference experts in the insurance and technology sector presented their ideas and experiences on the current state of things, trends, and initiatives taken in order to prepare us for the profound digital transformation that will affect the industry in general and the insurance company in particular.

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