IWC 2017

International conference of reference in the Insurance Sector that will bring together the leading exponents of the national and international Insurance Industry with the aim of sharing, debating and reflecting on the future challenges and trends facing the Insurance Sector at a global level.

Pepper everis, the novelty of an event full of innovative content.

Professor José Cordeiro, the optimistic vision of life in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution.

Josep Santacreu, human management or the best medicine, “having a good boss”. DKV company with soul.
José Antonio Marina defends the need for collaborative spaces in companies to achieve multiplier effects of individual talents.

Promote entrepreneurship among young people from school with the Junior Achievement Foundation.

Beatriz Valentí advocates less hierarchical and more project-based organization charts.

Panel of Doctors Garijo and Jordi Varela towards a more preventive medicine model.

Carlos Biurrun, quoting Klaus Schwad, technology at the service of people, at the service of helping people to be happier.

The workshops of Gistek and Hearsay Systems a new way of communicating creativity and innovation at the service of more competitive companies.
INSURTECH Pitches a touch of hopeful attention for the renewal of insurance models.

The commercial management revolution with tools that complement each other such as Salesforce and Forcemanager.

The interactive graph expands the event around the world, an innovative idea of Network Outsight.

320 people participated in all spaces of the event.

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