IWC 2020

El pasado 26 de septiembre de 2021 se celebró Insurance World Challenges 2020, organizado por Community of Insurance, y bajo el … Leer más

IWC 2019

Last Thursday, March 14, organized by Community of Insurance, and under the slogan “Accelerating innovation in insurance” was held the Insurance … Leer más

IWC 2018

In addition to Partners such as Cálculo Labs, Digital Insurances Agenda, Inari, Swiss re and Insurtech Community. Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, … Leer más

IWC 2017

International conference of reference in the Insurance Sector that will bring together the leading exponents of the national and international Insurance … Leer más

IWC 2016

Last Thursday, November 24th, most of the European insurance and financial sector had their eyes and ears set on Madrid as … Leer más

IWC 2015

International conference on the challenges of insurance sector distribution related to growth, innovation, changes in global structures, successful operating models, marketing … Leer más