Who We Are

Wattio is a “one-stop solution provider” in the Smart Home and advanced services sector. Technology is our forte and we integrate vertically to bring you the best product in the market in the best possible conditions.
We are a different technological partner, focusing on improving your customers’ user experience. This is achieved by the development of our smart home devices, software, and information-based services.
Wattio’s purpose is to turn big companies challenges into opportunities to improve their customers’ experiences with them.

What We Offer

We provide value to the user and to the insurance company through advanced, digital, and flexible services for new features and integrations:

• Wattio Pro – IOT solution for the prevention of claims in shops and offices
• Wattio Alert – Collaborative alarm with voice control
• Wattio Conecta – Solution to help in the care of elderly and / or dependent people

Contact Address