Virtual Bodyworks

Who We Are

Virtual Bodyworks produces scientifically proven Virtual Reality applications for the world’s largest corporations, based on a concept pioneered by its founders, called

Embodiment is an advanced technique that facilitates the rewiring of patients’ brains through immersive Virtual Reality. In scientific studies, the technique has been shown to be highly effective in affecting
behavioural and psychological change. The company counts Google and the World Bank among its clients is currently building partnerships with various stakeholders, including hospitals and insurance companies, in the healthcare sector with a focus on Emotional Health and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

What We Offer

Scientifically proven Virtual Reality Embodiment applications that allow us to leave our own bodies and inhabit the bodies of others.

These VR solutions run on the Oculus Quest, which is a standalone device that enables a user to experience Embodiment, without the need for complicated hardware.

The applications place users in different bodies, bringing about behavioural change by enabling the user to do things that are impossible in real life. They also measure the physiological state of users and track evelopment and improvement through the recording of verbal and non-verbal responses.