Sum Broker

Who We Are

We are a digital hub of solutions for the insurance market that markets its own products in a 100% digital environment Also we help other companies to establish themselves in the new digital paradigm by offering end-to-end solutions that range from Recruitment and Marketing to Product Design, Technology or After-Sales Management Operations

We offer great added value to both the end customer and the different companies we help because we understand the insurance market from a native digital perspective in which the power is held by the customer and all the solutions we offer are focused on achieving the highest degree satisfaction of the insured.

What We Offer

We offer totally disruptive insurance solutions in which the client is the center of our entire ecosystem.
We offer solutions in the 4 most relevant areas of the insurance sector:
• Marketing and customer acquisition.
• Technology
• Products
• Operations
These 4 areas of action are modular, which allows us to support our clients in any area that may be necessary since we adapt perfectly to their needs with In Cloud solutions and native applications, which means great agility and ease when we approach technical integrations.

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