Who We Are

NTT Disruption is the company of the NTT group (with offices in Madrid, London, Dallas, Boston, San Francisco and Tokyo) dedicated to build digital products (both hardware and software) that enable the transformation of the insurance sector. Based on exponential technologies and new paradigms of use of these for the creation of new business models.

What We Offer

We offer a model of co-acceleration of ideas and a business co-investment model, as well as a whole ecosystem to make it real, agreements with accelerators, startups, academia, big Tech, and all the NTT companies (of course  ).

We also offer the adaptation of the current assets that NTT Disruption has to new business use cases (currently): Jibo (applied to the world of health and education mainly), Growthland (creation of content as a service oriented to marketing areas), Cokoon (new concepts of technological immersion) and ZELA (Zero Latency Acceleration – business process acceleration)