Insurtech Community Hub

Who We Are

Insurtech Community Hub is a non-profit association. A space for digital insurance innovation to be transferred to the insurance industry.

An ecosystem of co-creation and collaboration where all kinds of companies are grouped, from startups, insurance brokers and companies, corporations, universities & business schools, technology, institutions and investors. A community that establishes itself naturally and spontaneously to help accelerate and drive the digital transformation of insurance and ultimately improve people’s lives.

What We Offer

A space of ideation where we promote environments that impact our daily lives: from mobility, connected homes, healthy living, financial peace of mind to our digital security.

And where technology disruption has a special presence to enhance this transformation as part of the process of metamorphosis, highlighting IOT, blockchain, 5G, cyber security, Saas and platforms, Bigadta and Analytics and artificial intelligence in others.

We highlight the most important activities of Insurtech Community Hub:
– Facilitate innovation by promoting training, collaboration and partnerships.
– Promote and drive the digital transformation of insurance.
– To help transfer innovation to the insurance industry.
– Transfer knowledge, both nationally and internationally.
– Promote competitiveness.

And where we offer you a program of services such as help in finding funding, scouting for corporations, mentoring, pilots in companies, connection with other members and other international hubs, alliances and events such as pitch day and investors day, summit…