Who We Are

Ibermática is a global ICT service company since 1973 that enables digital transformation of companies, institutions and organizations to improve their competitiveness through technology and knowledge. Our main activities include consultancy, infrastructure services, system integration, outsourcing and ERP implementation. We offer specific solutions to the main activity sector (Finance, Insurance, Industry, Services, Telco & Media, Health, Utilities and Public Administration). We assume the development of the transformation process of our clients as if it were ours, with a proven technological and methodological approach that impacts on their organization at a strategic level.

What We Offer

At Ibermática we have created a new IT platform to boost digital transformation in the insurance sector, which is evolving its sales towards digital channels and needs to improve efficiency placing the customer in the center. To do so, we integrate different technologies that digitalize the insurance companies processes really quickly, enabling a closer to the customer sales strategy, by identifying its location in the journey, providing product pricing, solving issues through digital/electronic signature and guiding the interaction with specialized support. Customers can, therefore, have access to precontract information and sign it using any device, even gathering verbal consent, with total security and legal validity, with the help of an agent to guide all the process.