Who We Are

FRISS is 100% focused on automated fraud and risk detection for P&C
insurance companies worldwide. Their AI-powered detection solutions
for underwriting, claims and SIU help 175+ insurers grow their business.
FRISS detects fraud, mitigates risks and supports digital transformation.
Insurers go live within 4 months, realize up to 10 times ROI and 80% increase
in straight through processing of policy application and claims.

FRISS solutions help lower loss ratios, enable profitable portfolio growth,
and improve the customer experience.

What We Offer

Use AI-powered fraud analytics to accurately estimate
the risks of every claim.
-Enable claims segmentation / touchless claims
-Increase your hit rate & avoid paying fraudulent claims
-Improve customer experience
-Pay out genuine claims faster

97% of your customers are sincere. Why should they
suffer the arduous, antiquated process of claims
fraud detection? With FRISS, every customer gets the
treatment they deserve. Sincere customers are serviced
swiftly, while high risk claims are automatically flagged
for investigation.
The FRISS Hybrid Detection Model combines AI, instanton
standardized fraud indicators, analytical models,
predictive models, external data sources, network
analysis and insurance expert business rules to screen
each claim during the claims process. The solution is
seamlessly integrated with all core insurance systems,
ensuring instant adoption with your daily tasks.

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