Who We Are

Emerid System was born with the aim of revolutionizing, through NFC / Cntactless technology, the way in which today we identify people, animals and objects. Since we continue to use methods from the last century such as paper passports or plastic IDs.

Emerid System is a universal emergency identification system via NFC / Contactless that we integrate in all kinds of elements with the aim of providing users, without needing applications, personal, medical and contact information, in addition to various functionalities depending on the product and specific use case. Thanks to Emerid, they will be able to receive health care from the first moment or quickly and universally identify the owner of an object or pet.

We work a B2B Cobranding model with insurance companies, offering products to retain and attract new clients, in addition to providing them with valuable products and services that improve the security of their clients in their daily lives.

What We Offer

We design solutions to increase the safety of people and their goods, reducing risks in emergencies or accidents, through digital personal identifiers for universal use with NFC / Contactless technology, without needing applications or batteries. Anyone anywhere in the world will be able to use Emerid System only using a smartphone with NFC technology activated and internet network.
– Emerid Helmet: self-adhesive contactless identifier for motorcycle, bike, VMP helmets, etc. that instantly provides personal and medical information in case of an accident or emergency.
– Emerid Bags: self-adhesive contactless luggage identifier that allows the owner to be identified in the event of a possible loss or theft and also informs us via email of the location of the luggage when the Emerid device is read by a third person.
– Emerid Pets: contactless pet identifier in a medal format for the collar, which allows anyone to identify our pet in case of a possible loss without having to go to the police or a veterinary center.

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