Who We Are

Bdeo is an Insurtech based in Spain and Mexico that enables the digitalisation and automation of key processes in the insurance sector such as policy underwriting or claims management.

Bdeo increases insurance companies’ operational margins while radically improving the end-customer’s user experience.

In 2020 Bdeo has been appointed by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in the Insurance sector and has been listed by Oxbow Partners and Fintech Global as one of the companies in the world with the greatest capacity to transform the insurance industry.

Its founders have 15 years of experience creating technological solutions for the sector. Its Property and Car solutions are already used by more than 30 insurance companies in 14 countries on 3 different continents.

What We Offer

Bdeo provides an underwriting software solution for insurance companies and expert’s, enabling them to digitize their processes with end customers, from underwriting a policy to managing the claim including monitoring the repair.

It has two main solutions:

– A video assessment platform that allows real time connection between the company or the expert and the insured, providing the best tools for remote assessment.

– An unassisted solution that automates policy underwriting and claims management.

Bdeo allows the efficient capture of images and information needed to carry out the process. Furthermore, thanks to the application of visual intelligence technologies, it automatically recognises the damage and is able to provide an economic estimate of the repair or replacement.

The combination of both solutions dramatically improves companies’ operational margins and the end customer’s user experience.


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