Who We Are

ASIMOB is a startup formed by a team of experienced professionals from diverse areas of technology and mobility management, and whose aim is to improve road safety, bringing automation and digitisation to the maintenance of road infrastructures.

Road maintenance is essential for preventing and mitigating road accidents. But, despite all the technological advancements in vehicle safety and traffic management, road maintenance tasks have not benefited from these developments, and are today done manually.
ASIMOB brings IoT and AI to keep roads safe for today’s drivers, and for tomorrow’s Autonomous Vehicles.

What We Offer

We offer an automated system that:
• Verifies and registers the right visibility of traffic signs in roads and streets.
• Registers, geolocates and evaluates irregularities in the road surface: potholes, bumps, deteriorated expansion joints…
We offer organizations in charge of road operation and maintenance a user-friendly tool that:
• Triggers an alarm whenever there is an incident in traffic signage: a missing traffic sign could have been knocked down, vandalized or covered by tree branches…
• Gives road O&M managers the possibility to check images of each traffic sign and its environment in their computer or tablet.
• Enables the remote monitoring of road works signage, or any other temporary signage.
• For each inspection, a digital evidence of the visibility of each traffic sing is registered.
• Shows where the main road surface irregularities are and evaluates their impact in driving comfort.
Service deployment in existing maintenance vehicles is very simple, and no action of the driver is needed for performing inspections.


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