Amalfi Analytics

Who We Are

We offer models of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in care management. Although our initial focus is the health sector, the technologies are equally applicable to other sectors such as human resources and insurance.
We have developed our technology together with local hospitals and government departments with powerful Machine Learning algorithms that generate prospective analysis to predict and anticipate events.
Our platforms allow us to optimize resources, improve results and reduce expenses in health and other sectors. They are oriented to cost-benefit analysis, analysis of real-world data and with minimum intrusiveness in existing computer systems. In the field of insurance, our technologies would allow to identify risks, adjust fees, and calculate provisions better than classic actuarial calculations.
We were born as a spin-off from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and our AI methods are based on state-of-the-art research.

What We Offer

We offer tools that can be combined according to the analysis needs, for a complete and precise visualization for management decision making, maximizing impact and reducing costs.

Our different modules allow:
Discovery of patterns of patient health problems, and in general risks.
Analysis of population mobility in a territory and resource use.
Analysis of the temporal evolution of patients in the form of trajectories (or of clients and their risks)
Reduction of waiting times in the Emergency Room.
Estimation of risks of admission and re-entry.
Prediction and management of absenteeism.

Some figures from the health sector: 10% reduction in expenses for chronic disease care programs, 30% reduction in waiting times for patient referral, 10% reduction in the rate of readmissions, and up to 20% reduction in unnecessary medication. The 80% reduction in the time of the technical analyst is very remarkable. Return on investment in less than 1 year.