Marc Alba

Innovation/Transformation Director, Founder of non-profit movements and Advisor of a large and varied set of both private and public organizations.
He sits in everis’ Steering Committee, being the Global Chief Innovation Officer and a Fellow of the everis Foundation. He is also member of the NTT DATA Global R&D Committee, Chairman of the TransformaEspaña Association.
Co-author of five books and writer of more than one hundred publications. Co–founder of the civil society initiatives TransformaEspaña (TransformSpain) and TransformaTalento (TransformTalent), and father of the Innovation Management methodology COTIM (Cash-Oriented Total Innovation Management).
Since 2014, leads the “NextGen Consulting” strategic initiative which aims to disrupt the whole consulting sector by going fully digital & open and leveraging the huge potential of exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics.
Born in Africa (Kinshasa, Congo), his collaborators define him as a citizen of the world, humanist and work lover.