Alejandro Zunzunegui

Major in Law, minor in Business Administration, Financial Analyst, Master’s degree in Business Management and Marketing and, more recently, graduated in management methodologies for innovation and organizational transformation, Alejandro has extensive experience in the areas of Strategic Marketing, Digital Marketing and Innovation.
As senior partner of “The Lean Lab”, Alejandro began his career at Sanitas as a consultant specialist in Cultural and Digital Transformation Processes of large companies.
In February 2017 he joined Sanitas as Head Coach of Digital Transformation, where he has worked so far up to now.
Alejandro has a long and successful career in the field of the Digital Transformation and Cultural Change in large companies.
He was co-founder, senior partner and co-owner of The Lean Lab from 2012 to 2017. Previously, from 2008 to 2012, was co-founder and senior partner of M & A, an accelerator, incubator and developer of startups.
He began his professional career in the distribution and retail industry, playing General Marketing Management roles in the Allied Lyons Group, company in which he was a Board Member for three years
He has been MD of other international companies of that industry.
He was also a founder of two “Think Tanks” specialized in Strategic FMCG Marketing (Think Twice) and in Strategic Financial Marketing (Finenza Corporate Strategy) period during which he participated in development projects of international companies such as Red Bull or Commerzbank among others.
Passionate about his work, he loves skiing, sailing, playing golf and travelling and sharing his life with his three children and his current partner