Made of Genes

Who We Are

Made of Genes is your personalized health care company. We are the only company that analyses both genetic data – as you are – and biochemical data – as you are – in order to have a holistic view of the person and offer integrative services to health professionals. This is why we have designed the first data integration services capable of making personalized medicine a reality based on our proprietary technology GENOMCORE, which allows these data to be stored and reused in a secure way to provide information updates based on new knowledge or biochemical analysis.
GENOMCORE is a data management platform -omic and patient engagement- capable of integrating with any other management tool, encapsulating different data processing, adapting its front-end to the needs of the users (experts, doctors, patients) and above all complying with the highest standards of security and privacy, being surely the only Spanish biotechnology company with ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certifications.

What We Offer

At Made of Genes we have created a wide range of personalized health products using our unique approach to holistic health. To date, Made of Genes has two lines of service:
– VITAL range: Aimed at promoting and caring for positive health and focused on the areas of Nutrition, Sport and Healthy Aging through the integration of genetic and biochemical data.
The Vital line now includes the product REACTIVATE, our specific product of COVID that adds to an immunohistochemical test, a genetic and metabolic analysis of factors related to the virus and disease. It detects the patient’s risk of severe complications and offers personalized health advice to reduce the effects of a possible infection.
– HEALTH range: Aimed at the early detection and diagnosis of genetic diseases through NGS testing.