Who We Are

Do you want to travel to the future …? Then we are your perfect fellows!
We are a team of expert pilots. Our values are our fuel, transparency, closeness, passion, and fight. And we have a mission: “To be your best travel companion to the safe mobility of the future, global, sustainable and integrated for your company” and “to help you through our technology to offer the best experience to your clients in the last mile of the deliveries and home visits ”
It will be an exciting travel, planned for you, full of love for a well-done job, and of course, a sustainable and responsible trip.
We will know that we are fulfilling our mission, when you tell us: I am proud to have chosen you!
More than 600 companies have already decided to board our ship and travel to the future with us.
Go up, get comfortable and let this exciting travel begin

What We Offer

Joinup offer tailored technology. We know that each client is different, and the most important for us is giving each of them what they need, and we are prepared to do so.

MOBILITY: We offer land mobility (taxi, parking, mileage, etc.) global and integrated for companies, with coverage in 7 European countries, through a multi-service platform with mobile applications and control BackOffice.

LAST MILE: If what you are looking for is to offer the best experience to your clients in the last mile, in services or home deliveries, you have found the partner you need. We have technology to offer you the complete process, but we also we can adapt to you, and implement in your own system the parts you need to improve.


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