Invest in Bilbao-Bizkaia (Bilbao Ekintza)

Who We Are

A unique office of attraction and accompaniment of investment projects and companies, promoted by the City Council of Bilbao and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia with the aim of encouraging the creation employment and local economic development, positioning Bilbao and Bizkaia at an international level as the optimal location for locating initiatives, innovative activities with high growth potential. Agile response to the interest and queries of all potential investors and companies by performing a recognizable and high value-added work in the actively attracting strategic projects and contributing to the emblematic initiatives of the city and the Territory.

Invest in Bilbao-Bizkaia is managed through Bilbao Ekintza, a municipal entity attached to the Bilbao City Council that promotes the generation of economic and social wealth for the city.

What We Offer

We attend to the demands of private and/or public promoters of business and/or strategic projects that show interest in investing and establishing themselves in our city and territory.
Free advisory service and accompaniment throughout the life cycle of the company:
Implementation and location: Support and advice on the administrative side and search for better location to develop economic activities and relocate your business
Financing: Specific public financing for each stage of the company’s life cycle. Non-refundable grant programs.
Tax deductions: First-hand information and advice on corporate taxes, offsets, deductions and tax exemptions.
Talent search: Assistance in identifying the best professional profiles for your company.
Internal procedures: Complete practical information on investment opportunities and regulatory procedures.
Networking-alliances: Coordination and continuous search for new partners and cooperation between the local business community and other public-private agents of interest.